Whitby Wedding Hire: Ginger and Flynn at Beggar’s Bridge

Whitby is a small town, but full to the brim with character. Its isolated location, nestled between the expansive North Yorkshire Moors and the North Sea means it attracts many artists and creative people into its fold. Its cobbled streets contain an eclectic mix of indepenedent stores ranging from artwork to knickknacks. But the main thing about Whitby is the community. Someone recently gave me a great analogy about the place, she said “Whitby is just like a Gansey” (If you don’t know what a Gansey is click here) The people of the town are all linked together via relationships and hidden connections like threads, weaving together to create a strong community. 
The great thing about this community spirit is that the businesses there thrive off each other, they support and promote each other with the common goal of keeping Whitby traditional and unique.
When Sophie Longhurst asked me if I would shoot some photos for her new venture “Ginger and Flynn” I jumped at the opportunity. Not only to support a new independent business in the area, but after shooting her wedding back in 2014, which she designed and created herself, I knew her vintage wedding packages were going to be stunning and a pleasure to photograph.
Although we were spoilt for choice with locations, and despite Sophie being 32 weeks pregnant, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to load up her large customised furniture pieces, including an entire table setting,chairs and a welsh dresser, and transport it all across the moors to the remote village of Glaisdale in the Esk Valley. 
On the edge of the village is a 396 year old bridge, with a love story of its own.
Beggar’s Bridge was built in 1619 by a young Thomas Ferris who fell in love with a girl named Agnes. But Agnes’ Father considered Thomas to be too poor for his daughter and forbade the marriage until Thomas could increase his wealth. Thomas parted ways with Agnes, unable to kiss her goodbye due to a flood in the River Esk and with no bridge to cross he set sail to make his fortune. Upon his return he had the bridge built as a symbol of his love for Agnes and his new found wealth.
Ginger and Flynn provides furniture and accessories for weddings with their own story to tell. Each item is created or restored by Sophie by hand. These carefully crafted pieces honour the beautiful surroundings of coast and moorland with wild flowers and rustic edges.
Beggar’s Bridge provided the perfect location for the shoot, set against a woodland backdrop, the mixture of old stone and dense wood set off the feminine but natural colours in the many small details Sophie creates for her weddings