Whitby Goth Weekend Photography 2017

Whitby Goth Weekend Photography by Ceri Oakes

I have photographed the Whitby Goth Weekend for many years now. As a photographer it is difficult to move away from the busy tourist streets full of steam punks, costume designers, make-up artists, goths, cross-dressers and day-trippers who flock to Whitby for what began life as a music festival.

The term Goth is one that seems to spark great debate, is it the fashion, the music, or just a way of life? I am not here to get involved in these debates but simply record what captures my eye over the weekend. I decided to focus on colour this year. When you think of goths you often think of black, but i’ve noticed that even the traditional goths, the music lovers and the festival attendants often incorporate a splash of colour into their outfits.

I’ve included some pictures from the Whitby Goth Weekend football match here, as this has to be one of the highlights of the weekend for me. Seeing some (usually very hungover) men kicking a ball around a pitch in all weathers, simply to have a good time and raise some cash for charity is always a great end to the weekend.

I love the diversity of the weekend, and the fact that people feel comfortable to walk the streets of Whitby and express themselves. If you’d like to support the original and official Whitby Goth Weekend events, there are bands on at the Spa twice a year and details can be found here: www.whitbygothweekend.co.uk