Tea Toast & Post, Robin Hood’s Bay

A feature by Ceri Oakes Photography

Tea, Toast and Post in Robin Hoods Bay, it’s pretty much what it says on the tin, and a whole lot more. The building used to be the old post office, one of the last in the village before you reach the sea. It was taken over by Sam and Luke Pearson who have converted it into a cool and quirky cafe with a difference.

By day the thriving cafe sells food and drink as well as a whole range of curiosities. It has an almost festival feel to it, with a guitar, copper kettle and funky wellies adorning the shelves.

By night the cafe is transformed into what is probably one of the areas smallest music venues.

After shooting a feature on the cafe for the Yorkshire Post I decided to revisit one evening for one of their sell out music nights. As I found out from Sam afterwards it was rather a special occasion,

Sam told me;  “After a series of what seemed successful music nights at the café, I asked Luke late one night at the kitchen table who he’d most like to have play and he said a guy called Matt Deighton.

Having been attracted to the Mother Earth album ‘You Have Been Watching’ back in the mid 90’s and a fan of his band and solo work ever since, he said he had always regretted never having seen him live.

That night I found Matt’s facebook page and sent him an inbox message. Four months later and lying in bed one night, I received an apologetic reply from the man himself asking for more information on our set up at the café.

Trimming a curious story short we set up two nights which sold out immediately to a collection of locals and equally avid Matt Deighton fans from across the country, all thrilled to have gained the opportunity to experience Matt playing in such an intimate café setting.

What made the Friday night so special was Matt’s performance in full of his solo album ‘Villager’ never played acoustically in its entirety. A beautiful album, filled with pastoral melodies, engaging lyrics and his own unique guitar style. Matt also played his classic ‘Jesse’ and on request ‘Pure English Honey’….inspired by a breakfast table Tiptree jar – he and the brand both founded in Essex.”

Matt is also known for his work with Paul Weller on the Heavy Soul Tour and for replacing noel Gallagher on the 2000 Oasis Tour and currently plays with his band Family Silver who released the album Electric Blend last year to much acclaim.

The cafe, at its 30 person capacity, was certainly cosy, emitting a warm glow of light. The kitchen providing tapas style trays of glorious food, which were being enjoyed with wine and local beers. Matt’s voice filled the room and when he sang the audience were captivated into silence.

It is a rather special experience to enjoy music in a setting so small, so close to the sea, and created by two people with a passion for music.


The evening:

Matt will be returning to play a further two nights in early December. The evenings are ticketed with a light supper and full bar but limited to a 30 seated capacity. Contact Sam or Luke on 07880 732115 for details. The next music night is Sunday 23rd October with Justin ‘Ravi’ Freeman from Glastonbury playing transcendental world music.