The Shepherd’s Purse – The Old Workshops, Whitby

Interior Photography in Whitby by Ceri Oakes

If you’ve ever visited Whitby, you may remember the Shepherd’s Purse. A shop inspired by travel and all things beautiful. Just along the cobbles down Sanders Yard lies a hidden courtyard, where sisters Michelle and Sophie, with the help of brother Kim have recreated the magic of the Shepherd’s Purse in six stunning guest rooms.

The rooms, known as The Old Workshops, due to their former life as Whitby Jet workshops, are like nothing else you will find along the Yorkshire coast. The attention to detail gives each room its own personality. The unique style is both cosy and comforting but at the same time light and airy with a spiritual touch.

The family, who grew up on Church Street after their parents moved to Whitby in the 1970s, have breathed their personality into the rooms, adding special touches and an eye for colour, style and texture. Below are just a few of the photos I shot recently of the guesthouse including the Dove Loft, a romantic suite spanning three rooms complete with a slipper bath.

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