Mordechai cat and FIP

A quick blog post today of some photos I took recently of a lovely Devon Rex belonging to Elaine and Laurence in Whitby.
Mordechai, a curious but beautiful looking creature has recently fallen ill and after numerous tests was finally diagnosed with a tumour on his brain. 
It is not known how long Mordechai has left but the little critter is certainly teaching us a lesson in positivity.
Roaming and exploring the garden, grooming, purring, causing mischief and living up to the typical characteristics of a Devon Rex – he was a joy to photograph.
While trying to diagnose his illness Elaine came across a little-known disease called FIP or Feline infectious peritonitis, despite sounding like a spell from Harry Potter it is actually a pretty nasty, fatal incurable disease that affects cats. 
It is suprisingly un-heard of by many pet owners so I thought I would list a few of the symptoms below to raise a little awareness:

Effusive FIP is the accumulation of fluid within the abdomen or chest, which can cause breathing difficulties. Other symptoms include lack of appetite, fever, weight loss, jaundice and diarrhea

If you think your cat might have FIP you can download this flowchart to take to the vets, there’s lots more information on this site too. FIP is a disease that needs a lot more research to find a cure and it can also affect humans.

On a brighter note, Mordechai is still with us, enjoying each day, and Elaine and Laurence are getting to spend precious time with him..

“Cats are cats . . . the world over!

These intelligent, peace-loving, four-footed friends- who are without prejudice, without hate, without greed- may someday teach us something.” 

-James Mackintosh Qwilleran