Krampus comes to Whitby


Whitby Krampus Run 2016 by Ceri Oakes Photography

This unusual christmas tradition began in Austria and has gained wider popularity recently after a Krampus movie was released. Of all the places in the UK, it could only really be Whitby, home of the bi-annual goth weekend, that would start of the Krampus run tradition here in England.

So the tradition goes that the Krampus, the antithesis of St Nicholas, walks the streets at christmas and punishes children who have been bad. The group of creative Krampus’ who had amazingly terrifying yet festive costumes, eased off with the horror somewhat by collecting funds for Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary.

Quite a crowd gathered in the streets as the group made their way through the town after meeting on Tate Hill beach, irnoically where Dracula was first appeared in Bram Stoker’s classic book.

My favourite photo has to be the family enjoying an ice cream (in December) on the pier who are seemingly un-fazed by the terrifying monster beside them, I can just imagine them nudging each other and saying “ah we’re definitely in Whitby, some strange folk about here”