Hyderabad, India 2015, in Photos

When I say I’ve been to India the first thing everyone asks is, did you get Delhi Belly, and is it poor?
Yes you will probably get Delhi Belly, to some degree or another, and you will undoubtedly see some poverty. But what stays with you from you visit to India is that you walk into a complete different world. A world of colour and activity. The air is thick with the heat and smog. The noise is inescapable, voices and car horns and engines. The streets can look poor, dirty even, but they don’t have the regulations we have, the electrics have been bodged together, things patched up, and patched over again, cars can appear to be falling to bits. But for all these apparent shortcomings, they make up for ten fold in personality. Family values, hard work, respect for the elderly, and a true community spirit can be seen wherever you look. They have a true appreciation of the use of colour (especially yellow). There’s so much to take in both visually and mentally you could stay a year and still be fascinated daily. I could have taken a million photos but here’s few I’ve chosen to share from my few weeks in Hyderabad..