A Wild and Rustic Whitby Wedding

Here is just a small selection of the many photos I took at the beautiful wedding of James and Liz Atkinson back in August.
Although primarily a press photographer, I occasionally dip my toe into the world of weddings. I love capturing the day, documentary style, recording the moments as they happen, without being imposing. People have moved away from formal style weddings and expect a relaxed, natural style of photography to complement the day as it flows from beginning to end.
The venues, two hidden gems, just outside the of Whitby, provided the perfect backdrop for the couples relaxed and vintage styling. Roxby Church, built in 1818, has a rustic charm with its stone brickwork and large windows which flooded light into the ceremony. The reception was held at Egton Manor, an ornate home and vast secluded garden on the Egton Estate, nestled near the River Esk and surrounded by large trees which protect it from the often wild moors beyond. 
Three grand tepees were decorated inside and out, by Sophie Longhurst of Ginger and Flynn, who you may remember from a previous blog post of mine. With colourful wild flowers, a nod to the farming heritage of Roxby with wheat and thistle button holes, vintage furniture and an exquisite set of vintage crockery,the whole thing came together to give a relaxed, bohemian feel to the day. 

The double space hopper provided a lot of laughs among the guests, as they enjoyed the late summer sun. Gin cocktails and homemade elder flower champagne was served in large Kilner bottles and drunk from jars, the food cooked by local chef Alex Perkins of Bridge Cottage Bistro, included Lobster cooked on the barbecue in a garlic and herb butter.

As the sun began to set over the day, the many fairy lights inside the teepees started to light up the room as the guests enjoyed toasted marshmallows and a live band. 
Congratulations Liz and James.

Wedding hire and design by Sophie Perkins: Ginger and Flynn
Menu by Chef Alex Perkins: www.bridgecottagebistro.com
Venue: www.egtonestate.co.uk